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Reform your body by developing core strength, flexibility, balance, and postural alignment. Reform your mind with increased focus, coordination, and memory, all while boosting endorphins which relieve stress and anxiety. 

 We accommodate individuals and small groups with a customized workout plan through classical and contemporary Pilates. Modifications and detailed corrections are given in each class to refine technique for maximum results. Pilates is low impact and is suitable for everyone! REFORM is a positive environment where clients come to learn and connect with each other. After each class, you will feel stronger, healthier, and eager to come back for more! 

"Change happens through movement and movement heals." -Joseph Pilates 




Kelsey started teaching group fitness in the Columbus area in 2013.  She has been instructing Pilates since 2016 and is a PMA member through the National Pilates Certification Program. She has achieved her 500-hour comprehensive training and specializes in perinatal fitness and injury recovery.


Kelsey has a background in classical ballet from age five through her time at Hope College where she graduated with majors in Elementary Education and Dance.  It was there that she was introduced to Pilates while recovering from an injury. Her dance background has given her a broad knowledge of the anatomy of the body. Prior to instructing fitness solely as a career, she was a teacher. She has developed patience and a way to communicate the exercises in an empathetic and fun manner. 


Kelsey’s goal is to give each client a challenging, motivating and positive workout experience, offering modifications and individualized corrections.  She values client relationships and strives to inspire them through her passion for Pilates.

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