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I have been taking Pilates with Kelsey for over 5 years. Kelsey has a unique way of helping each client "smile through the sizzle". She offers a high-value workout with plenty of modifications or challenges, depending on your skill level and how your body is feeling that day. Kelsey lends expertise to help you achieve your mind-muscle connection. She is also extremely encouraging, offering quips and jokes to take your mind off the burn. I leave each class feeling accomplished. What separates Kelsey from other instructors is that she makes you feel extremely welcome and engages every person that walks into the studio, while also providing you with a highly effective workout. 

-Steph J. 


I was nervous to take reformer at first because the equipment can look intimidating. When I met Kelsey, her warmth and friendliness made me feel at ease right away. For someone who had never taken Pilates before, I was able to follow along because of her clear cues and explanation of how to use the equipment properly. She pays close attention to form to ensure safety and to prevent injury. Pilates has greatly increased my strength and flexibility. An added bonus is I no longer have lower back pain! 

-Brian M. 

Pilates is an amazing way to move and exercise no matter what challenges life throws at you. It's suitable for everybody and every BODY. Pilates with Kelsey is safe, fun, and a wonderful way to release any negative thoughts or energy. She's a passionate instructor that works every muscles for a full body workout. Pilates with Kelsey is great for the body, mind, and soul. 

-Tabby R. 

I came to Pilates after suffering a back injury. I have taken several of Kelsey's classes. Kelsey has thorough understanding of the Pilates method, functional movement, and gives understandable instructions. I always feel better after one of Kelsey's sessions. It has been my experience her greatest attribute is her authenticity. She makes me feel comfortable and supported, and I actually look forward to working out. 

-Kathleen C. 

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