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Your health and the health of our community is extremely important. Please be considerate of others while in class. 



Deep cleaning and disinfecting will occur between every class. The Instructor will thoroughly sanitize equipment, as well as vacuum and mop studio floors. 

Entryway rugs will be replaced and deep cleaned by a local service frequently. 


Group classes will have no more than 5 people in them, and the reformers will be over 6 feet from each other.


For your safety, hands on adjustments will be suspended temporarily. Instructors will provide only verbal modifications and corrections during class. 


Hand sanitizer will be available for clients to use before entering the studio.


Facial coverings are required by everyone in the studio before and after class. 

Please enter no earlier than 5 minutes before your session to ensure plenty of time for proper deep cleaning and sanitation.


If you have been experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 or have come in contact with someone experiencing symptoms, we ask that you quarantine from the studio for at least 14 days. The 24 hour late cancellation fee won’t apply due to illness.

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